"I was just a boy when I first entered the Florio Plant. I was a painter. Mr. Parodi, the owner, welcomed me as a son and he always loved me...Read more
There are so many rumors about Favignana quarries: even though everyone had warned me that I would not have found peace in that place, I prepared my luggage and I...Read more
Li sto aspettando da più di un'ora. I capelli mi stanno bene e la veste che indosso è la migliore che ho. Peppe l'ho fatto sedere sulla sua sedia preferita,...Read more
My name is Bugghio because my father was called that, this is my “inciuria” (nickname). My father was a good giant, two meters and five centimeters tall, and my mother...Read more
I am the Madonna del Mare (the Lady of the Sea), I live in the four island corners. Here the water raises the tuna and it lifts it towards death,...Read more
My name is Cannistraro Giuseppina but for everyone, on the island, I am simply the teacher Pina. For forty years I have taught the children of Favignana and, of each...Read more