A new problem haunts the island of Marettimo. From April 5, it is no longer possible to transport by the line ferries the small fishing products, the fruit of the...Read more
In the panorama of Sicilian festivals and traditions, the one in honor of St. Joseph certainly occupies one of the first places. The figure of St. Joseph, husband of Mary...Read more
He was one of the last to say goodbye while he was lying on his deathbed. There was the whole island, to say goodbye to Gioacchino Cataldo, the last of...Read more
Sugar is useless when it's the salt that's missing. (Yiddish proverb) Photography for me is not simply a push of a shutter button, but an opportunity to tell, through images,...Read more
It happens to many to sit on the steps of the Mother Church and see the sign of the bar at the corner of the square in the distance. The...Read more
I had a dream, which was not a dream. I walked across a vast plain, the wind bending the tall grass, waving it like a green tide. As far as...Read more
November 7th was a very important moment for Favignana and its people. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism has in fact accepted the Nino Castiglione SRL request, issuing...Read more
I like walking, absorbed in my thoughts, for the paths of the cemetery where many faces unknown to me rest. Silence ... respect ... and so much serenity, these are...Read more
"You who were born where there is always the sun above a rock that you can dive and that sun has its heart inside you spring sun on that rock...Read more
In some places the monuments are not made by marble, or wood, or metal, but by flesh and bones, smiles and bright eyes that look at you for the first...Read more
Fonte: Sicilianfan In the Sicilian proverbs great truths are hidden. The popular wisdom, since ancient times, has used the idioms to provide useful and "straight" advice to apply to everyday...Read more
Uccio is my tour guide to Levanzo and a connoisseur of stories. Nice man, with two smart eyes that look at me with curiosity. But also my curiosity is so...Read more
I know a place where people smile willingly. Where hospitality is not a sacrifice. Even simple people, true and tied to their territory. Hard like stones, or like the squared...Read more
There is a place where the stone whispers to the sea, telling about ancient and distant stories. It tells about the wild hunter who, after hunting, lit the fire inside...Read more
The skirts of the two women undulated in the damp at the end of the day. The scent of wild fennel was palpable, carried by the sultry wind. I warn...Read more
Cariati is a small medieval village, washed by the purity of Cosenza Ionio sea. There you can smell the scent of the sea, the smell of saltiness bathed in the...Read more
Once upon a time the Egadi islands were not so far from Parma. It was enough to organize the journey with a minimum of advance, buying a ticket for the...Read more
I did not know her, but my heart did. Last year I had the pleasure of taking a guided visit to the Florio plant and visiting, among other things, the...Read more
Cats watching the sea. Cats waiting for the popping of human lips, sign of the arrival of food. Maimed cats not knowing as they are because they were born this...Read more
“La formazione va in vacanza…e fa vedere la realtà da un’altra angolatura” Per gli amanti del bello scrivere e del narrare, nel programma di questa edizione c’è un corso assolutamente...Read more
It seems to me he still was there, sitting on the bench of Punta Lunga, looking at the seagulls, the hands caressing the cats. Sitting as on a throne. It's...Read more
“La formazione va in vacanza” è il claim di questa quinta edizione che sull’esempio delle università anglosassoni propone una formula di apprendimento o aggiornamento professionale in un contesto vacanziero molto...Read more
Sempre per la rubrica #impressioni , questo il prezioso contributo fotografico di Lilly Bianco, che continua a combattere la sua battaglia per la ASD Scuola di Vela di Favignana. Raggiunta...Read more
Cristina è una mia amica farmacista, fino a pochi giorni fa la riconoscevo per il ticchettio che facevano i suoi tacchi nel parcheggio Goito di Parma, fino a pochi giorni...Read more
Per la rubrica #impressioni abbiamo scritto dell'appello per la scuola di vela di Favignana. L'attività è ricominciata e questo è un suo video. https://www.facebook.com/lbianco2/videos/10212404174399193/ Buona visione, e aiutatela!Read more